6 Benefits of Using an LMS to Sell Training Courses

Joyce Morse · September 12, 2018


A learning management system is an effective platform to help you sell your training courses. It can enhance your business in so many ways. If you’ve never considered putting your courses on a Learning Management System (LMS) platform, think about these six benefits.

1. One-Stop Shop

An eCommerce enabled LMS allows you to complete a transaction on a single platform. The consumer can register on it, browse and choose the products they want and pay, all on the same system. This makes it easier for them. With a user-friendly LMS, you’ll discover improved customer satisfaction, which means they will be more likely to purchase from you again in the future.

2. Customize Accounts

With an LMS, you can customize offerings and products to each customer or to a group of customers. If you sell courses to multiple industries, you can group them by industry and let everyone who works in the field have access. Customers will see other products that are relevant to them, which will increase sales.

3. Add More Products

Since the goal is to keep customers coming back, you want to make it easy to add new products. When you use an eCommerce-integrated platform, it’s not complicated to add new products or update pricing. You can even offer a free mini-course or other product to entice potential customers to buy. Since it takes less work to add new products, you can get the task done quickly and take advantage of more opportunities.

4. Receive Analytics

An LMS will keep track of all courses purchased by a consumer. You can also find out whether the courses were completed and if a certificate was downloaded. This information can tell you if the course was beneficial to the customer and whether they are likely to purchase again.

5. Target Your Marketing

As you keep track of which courses your customers purchase and whether they complete any tests which come with them, you can begin to create a targeted marketing plan. The information you gather about which courses they bought will help you determine which ones they are likely to buy in the future. Instead of doing generic marketing or random advertising, you can target the message to those who it fits best.

6. Build an Email List

This benefit goes along with using targeted marketing, but it’s even more specific. You can create an email list based on people who sign up for courses as well as those who opt-in for information. You can keep in contact with them through regular and frequent communication, which will keep your company in their mind when they’re ready to buy a course.

The common thread within all these benefits of an LMS is that it automates everything so you can be more efficient and targeted to your customers, whether it’s in marketing, follow-up or in customer service. With these advantages, why would you want to sell courses without a learning management system?

Joyce Morse

Joyce Morse

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