Five Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Franchise by Using an LMS

Joyce Morse · January 8, 2019


Running a franchise takes a significant amount of work and time. It can also be costly to start and maintain. Fortunately, a learning management system (LMS) can help you improve your franchise. Here are five approaches you can take with an LMS.

1. Reduce Hiring Time

No matter what business you’re in, turnover is a real situation. Some organizations will experience high rates of turnover. Franchises can deal with this issue by using an LMS to reduce training time. Employees must follow the strict guidelines and requirements of the franchise, and they can learn those rules through online training. This reduces the amount of time the business must spend training new employees while ensuring they learn the necessary information.

2. Train Franchisees Around the World

As a franchise owner, your business may be expanding in other states or countries. You can scale the training to fit all locations without the need for in-person meetings. The scalability of an LMS allows it to fit your needs, whether you’re starting your first franchise location or your 50th.

3. Build Company Culture through Interaction

Many of these learning management systems are designed to be interactive. This feature allows you to develop your company culture as people connect with each other. You can give feedback on the training and provide data and company news to help each franchisee feel like they are part of a team. It’s also a place to make special announcements and keep everyone in the loop on the latest franchise news.

4. Make Changes Faster

An LMS is the ideal solution when you need to make a franchise-wide change quickly. Whether it’s adding a new product in your store or food on the menu or implementing a new promotion, you can convey the information to every franchisee from one location. You can also provide any needed training on the changes through the LMS so everyone is better prepared to deal with clients and customers.

5. Create Specialized Analytics

One of the features of an LMS is the ability to create and generate reports. You can use this information to improve your franchises by determining areas where improvement may be needed. Analytics is an important aspect of a learning management system as you can review test scores, completed training and other data. An effective learning management system will allow you to develop the kind of reports you need based on recorded data, which will help you address specific issues or prevent certain problems.

A learning management system can help you make your franchise even more successful and profitable than it currently is. An LMS will reduce costs and increase productivity and customer satisfaction. When looking for an LMS designed for franchises, see how GnosisConnect meets your needs.

Joyce Morse

Joyce Morse

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