An Introduction to LMS and GnosisConnect for the New Business

Joyce Morse · April 10, 2018


If you’ve just started a new business, you may not be familiar with LMS or Learning Management System. However, it could benefit your new organization and save you time and money as you attempt to keep your staff educated and trained on the latest innovations and policies in your industry. This article provides an introduction to LMS in general and Gnosis Connect for your new business.

Who Needs LMS?

Thanks to the Internet, employees no longer have to attend seminars or take courses in person. They can do most if not all of their learning online. However, it can get complicated for you as the manager or owner to keep track of what educational courses your employees and have completed and which ones are relevant to your industry.

Any business that needs to provide training and continuing education opportunities for its staff can benefit from an LMS. Even a small company just starting out may find one of these systems to help them train the staff. In fact, since more workers wear multiple hats in small companies, ongoing training may be essential.

What Does an LMS Do?

When you choose a Learning Management System, you take control over your employees’ learning. You can create your own courses or add others that have already been developed. You get to select courses which are relevant to your organization and industry. This can be an important component for industries with high regulations.

These systems also allow you to keep track of your employees’ education. If your company or the industry requires a certain number of credit hours to remain certified or licensed, the LMS will tell you at a glance how many have been completed and how many they still need.

You can create a conference-style course which allows multiple people to attend at once. This option is ideal if you hire remote staff and want to train everyone together.

What GnosisConnect Does

There are many online learning platforms available, including several LMS programs. What makes GnosisConnect different is that it is designed especially for businesses and their unique needs. Some of the special features of this program that you may appreciate include the following:

  • Multiple types of learning can be integrated into the platform – for instance, you may have videos, PDF documents, podcasts and other learning methods combined into one interface
  • Ability to teach multiple users – you can create your own learning materials and upload them and assign to users, set the criteria for pass/fail and even provide certificates of completion
  • Coach your employees to success – the platform allows you to provide tips and references as well as feedback for users to help them learn better
  • Measure the success of staff – you can track the progress of your users and analyze their learning through reports

In spite of all the benefits GnosisConnect provides, it’s easy to use and work with various devices, including mobile gadgets. Your staff can learn anytime from anywhere. Instead of spending hours traveling to seminars and classes, they can learn right at work. You also control the quality of education and ensure the information being provided is up to date and relevant for your industry.

Even if you’re just starting out and hiring your first employees, an LMS can save time on orientation and on-the-job training by teaching your staff through e-Learning.

Joyce Morse

Joyce Morse

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